Full Stack Developer (PHP + JS)

27 ноября

Зарплата от 2500$ - 3500$

Требования: fullstack javascript php
lamp english es5 laravel solid mysql reactjs vuejs html css jquery json xml rest apis bootstrap ui sass less stylus npm cli tdd phpunit git
Английский: eng: Intermediate

— 3+ years of experience in PHP (LAMP stack);
— English ­ Intermediate or above (written and spoken);
— Modern Javascript skills (ES5 and later standards);
— Experience with Laravel, knowledge of respective framework internals and relevant package ecosystem;
— Solid knowledge of MySQL, indexes, transactions, storage engines and ways of query optimization under high load;
— Experience with ReactJS and/or VueJS;
— Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, and JSON/XML;
— Experience in developing REST APIs;
— Good knowledge of CSS frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap, Material UI), CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less, Stylus);
— Understanding of web application build process and toolset (gulp, grunt, webpack, laravel mix);
— Knowledge of Npm package ecosystem and Npm CLI;
— Strong TDD/BDD skills or at least experience with PHPUnit;
— Good command of Git;
— Ability to troubleshoot and resolve web application performance issues;
— Understanding basic web application security;
— Common sense and sense of humor :)

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