Database Administrator

06 января

Зарплата от 1500$ - 4000$

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Английский: eng: Intermediate

RevJet ( is looking for a Database Administrator to work with the world-known RevJet Creative Management Platform. The platform brings unprecedented sophistication and power to each and every ad creative discipline including DCO, personalization, audience management, workflow, approvals, rich case-study visualization, experimentation, and effortless self-optimizing performance competitions.

Your responsibilities will be divided as follows:

Support (75% of time)

  • Helping build production-grade systems based on ClickHouse: advise how to design schemas, plan clusters etc. Environments range from single node setups to clusters with 100s of nodes
  • Working with the community — GitHub, Stack Overflow, Telegram

Research and development (25% of time)

  • Studying new usage patterns, ClickHouse functions, & integration with other products.
  • Working on infrastructure projects related to ClickHouse
  • Improving ClickHouse itself — fixing bugs, improving docs, creating test-cases, etc.

Candidates need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Expert SQL knowledge for one of: ClickHouse (preferred), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server.
  • Strong Linux shell skills / bash scripting skills
  • Experience with running production-grade systems
  • Technical English writing and speaking skills
  • Docker self-defense skills
  • Basic knowledge of distributed system concepts and big data technology stacks
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language (Python, C++, Java, Go)
  • University degree (IT/math) or equivalent experience.

The following additional qualifications are a significant plus:

  • Kubernetes knowledge and operating experience
  • Experience with big data stack components like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Nifi, ...
  • Experience with data science/data analysis
  • Knowledge of SRE / DevOP stacks — monitoring/system management tools (Prometheus, Ansible, ELK, ...)
  • Version control using git


  • Handling support calls from customers using ClickHouse. This includes diagnosing problems connecting to ClickHouse, designing applications, deploying/upgrading ClickHouse, and operations;
  • Support engineers need to be ace puzzle-solvers who can figure out what problem the user is encountering, diagnose the root cause(s), and propose solutions;
  • Researching new technology, working on ClickHouse-related side projects, and fixing Clickhouse itself.