Frontend Developer (React)

02 декабря

Требования: frontend react
redux html css bootstrap english angular polymer web finance banking travel booking transportation gaming scrum tdd
Английский: eng: Не важно

Необходимые навыки

Skills required:

— Strong knowledge of JavaScript. You should be able to work on complex projects without using frameworks
— Strong knowledge of React, Redux and the ecosystem (redux-observable, reselect, react-router, redux-form)
— Knowledge of the functional programming principles (lodash, rxjs)
— Familiarity with popular libraries that allow you to complete common tasks faster (moment, d3 / c3, jQuery)
— Excellent knowledge of web fundamentals: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
— Experience with the development and automation tools (npm, webpack, git, chrome dev tools, sass, postcss)
— Understanding the principles of building a component architecture of the application
— Addiction to the clean code (standard js, eslint, flow)
— Ability to communicate in English

Будет плюсом

Would be a plus:

— Knowledge of Angular
— Knowledge of Polymer and Web Components
— Understanding of the SSR principles (server-side rendering)


We offer:

Interesting projects mostly related but not limited to Finance & Banking, Travel & Booking, Taxi & Transportation industries
Flexible schedule (say no to exhausting 9 — 18)
Cozy office located near the underground station
Crazy and friendly team of people to work with and to learn from
English speaking club and grammar lessons
Gaming zone
Team buildings
A lot of challenges and fun

О проекте

Your work will be dedicated to building cross-platform solutions for web and mobile platforms. You will work within the experienced Scrum team and collaborate with a client closely to build a product with smooth business logic. We have high development standards, own code style, TDD, CI and code review as a must.