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We are a IT company. We specialize in creating a system to sell tickets — EuroBilet for cinemas theaters stadiums etc. EuroBilet is a comprehensive system to ticketing and access control. Customer using our system operate in three main sectors:"Culture“, “Entertainment” and “Sports”.
Currently we will create mobile application Tiketto that allows you make information about ticket to the theater of the largest cities in Poland.
Additionally, we are distributor software BricsCAD in Poland. This software is produced by Bricsys NV of Belgium. Bricsys Poland sells them directly to end-customers and through a network of the Partners Commercial. In addition, we are a manufacturer of industry applications , ie. ELsoftCAD, ZnakiCAD, ClearCAD. Bricsys Poland is also a distributor of industry applications to architecture, mechanical, electrical, piping and ventilation and road construction.

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