Rust developer

28 березня 2022


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Англійська: eng: Upper-intermediate

During our twelve-year journey, have been helping our clients to create apps and enterprise ecosystem from scratch in order to achieve their business goals.
And now we’re looking for an experienced Rust developer to join a fast-growing product.
Our client delivers innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) products to the global community and has a strong commitment to practical and effective IoT solutions. With the development of new internet services, such solutions should not belong only to multi-dollar companies, but also to individuals with dreams and ambitions.
This position involves work with a Raspberry pi (mini computer) and LoRa concentrator devices (Hotspot device). As a Senior Rust developer you will be responsible for building a connection with devices written in C and Raspberry pi, and developing decentralized high-performance systems.

During project development you’ll help us with:

  • developing decentralized high-performance systems
  • working with blockchain hardware
  • working with a Raspberry pi (mini computer) and LoRa concentrator devices (Hotspot device)
  • building a connection with devices written in C and Raspberry pi
  • creating Rust wrap using a C agent

Here’s the experience that will help you do the job:

  • 1.5+ year with Rust
  • 3+ years of previous experience with C/C++ (optionally Python or Golang)
  • Tokio framework
  • MQTT
  • Linux including systems automation and systems architecture tools.
  • Familiarity with software profiling and optimisation
  • A good understanding of modern hardware
  • Low-level Linux “system”, in particular, network-programming
  • Concurrent, parallel programming and distributed systems
  • SIMD programming (e.g. AVX, SSE)
  • GPU programming, e.g. with CUDA
  • Experience with Virtual machines used by modern blockchains: WebAssembly
  • An ability to analyze and optimize the platform’s performance
  • Has the idea of running tests in a distributed environment
  • Has experience with security audits of third-party and internal solutions

What you’ll get from working with us:

  • Great compensation and social packages
  • Full financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Individual development plan
  • Team buildings and corporate activities
  • English lessons with native speakers
  • The best networking opportunities with international clients

We expect our future colleague to have a strong technical background and passion for creating new solutions.
Join us and send your CV to