JavaScript Engineer (Angular)

28 березня 2022

Зарплата від 3000$ - 6000$

Вимоги: frontend javascript
microservices nodejs http oop solid english qa writing apis scrum
Англійська: eng: Не важно

Do you want to be a part of a large cross-functional team and long-term project?
We need help scaling a large e-Commerce platform built on dozens of Microservices powered by NodeJSAngular.
This is a good opportunity for a talented JavaScript Engineer who is ready to show a high level of expertise and can make technical decisions 💪🏻

You will be engaged in planning and estimation of new features and functionality development and participate in constructing the project architecture.

Required technical skills:

— You are an experienced and educated engineer 🧐
— You’re interested in Angular2+ or have experience with either of the existing front-end frameworks;
— Your mind won’t blow up 🤯 when you hear someone saying “idempotence”;
— You know the difference between HTTP 1/2/3;
— You strive to learn how your toolset works under the hood;
— You have a deep understanding of OOP, SOLID and know about software design patterns;
— You are not a job-hopper, and you have at least some sense of humor;
And last but not least: you are open-minded and willing to build products for real human beings 😎

Will be a plus:

— English level sufficient for small talks over a couple of beers 🍻
— Experience with functional programming.


— Implementing new features and fixing bugs found by the QA team;
— Writing unit tests;
— Fixing issues founded by QA team;
— Writing and refactoring the code;
— Working with APIs;
— Participating in the team Scrum events.

What we offer:

— Market level of compensation;
— Unlimited vacation and sick days 🔥
— The ability to change the stack and upgrade in new technologies;
— The ability to influence products and apply the expertise;
— Passionate, hard-working, and dedicated colleagues 🦄
— Total dedication to building the best possible project and experience for our customers;
— Some cool tech to allow you to do your best work;
— Professional development allowance.

Find out a little more about us — check our products: